Home for remaining MLB position player free agents.

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1.Eric Hosmer- Padres. They have the money. He’s not a home run hitter. Line Drive hitter in a ballpark with big gaps. It’s a good fit in a young lineup.

2. JD Martinez- Rockies. Impact bat. Rockies are losing Carlos Gonzalez, Matt Reynolds, and Jonathon Lucroy. They’ve made signings on the bullpen side of things so far this off season, but are a bat or two away from competing in the NL West. Martinez would be the centerpiece in the Rockies lineup. Hitter friendly park where he has the best chance to replicate last seasons career best stats.

3. Lorenzo Cain- Red Sox. Red Sox are still a top team in the AL. They have a lot of speed in the outfield but lack a guy with some pop. Cain can cover as much ground as anyone in the outfield and has more power than anybody in the current red sock outfield. This signing only makes sense if the Sox trade Jackie Bradley Jr. This is something that they are looking to do. His contract is up at the end of the season and he’s not somebody that they are likely to attempt to resign. For Cain, if his range diminishes, he and Benintendi can easily swap positions. Only reason why the Sox might not pull the trigger on Cain or any other large contract player is because they might want to save up for the free agent sweepstakes next season.

4. Jay Bruce- Twins. The Twins are notorious for not paying anybody, However, Bruce might be the best value as a position player that they may have for a long time. He will be relatively cheap compared to the players coming into free agency next season. Even for this season he will not be the highest paid position player. He’s a power bat that can slide into the middle of a lineup and compliment the right-handed Miguel Sano and Brian Dozier. For Bruce it’s a chance to play for a team that’s always in the hunt. This seemed to bring out the best in Bruce last season.

5. Jonathan Lucroy- Diamondbacks. Diamondbacks have about a year left before they need to start spending some money on their home grown players. They have a young pitching staff. Jeff Mathis is great calling a game but is a below average hitter. Lucroy can handle calling the game hopefully continue to develop the arms in the Dback rotation. Offensively he’s an instant upgrade. For Lucroy, the odds are that his best offensive days are behind him, but he’ll play at a hitter friendly ballpark, and play a decent portion of his away games at Colorado another hitter friendly park.

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