Star Point Guard: Lavar Ball?

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By: Cecil Williams III

We know that Lonzo Ball is the point for the Los Angeles Lakers. But since he was drafted he has yet to escape the never ending adventure of the antics of his father, Lavar Ball. He had made his way into headlines without having a filter, and to be very frank taking the attention away from the game Lonzo is actually playing in. The Big Baller Brand has definitely had horrible reviews and his other two sons have some unhealthy pressure on them playing in Lithuania after being taken out of their respective schools.

My hot take on this: Lavar Ball has to shut up.

Too harsh? Ok, he has to tone it down at least. Now listen: NOBODY is saying he isn’t a good dad. However, according to multiple sources, he has created a lot of friction and even division with different people that are in connection to his sons…especially Lonzo and the Lakers. Can you imagine being in Lonzo’s shoes? You’re on the Lakers, trying to play the game you love…and your dad is causing so much hooplah every day that it’s affecting what you do on the court. Now who knows what Lonzo tells his dad about this teammates and his coach, Luke Walton…which may be fueling Lavar’s antics. But nonetheless, it’s clear that it’s affecting Lonzo and it’s spreading. Now let’s not be fooled: Lonzo’s shooting form is still horrid, but I feel bad for the kid. Playing in Los Angeles alone is pressure, but you have your father give an impression that he more interested getting attention for himself than just staying behind the scenes and let his son truly shine. In the end, I’m willing to guarantee that it will have a negative impact on anybody talented joining the Lakers in the offseason to come.

Solution? Magic Johnson.

With him being at the helm of basketball operations, he MUST step in and say something to him. Let’s face it, it’s affecting his business…and eventually his MONEY. Even if he has to go far as telling him “if you don’t tone it down, we will entertain trade offers”….Lonzo focus just isn’t there and it’s clear. I believe all three Ball brothers can be great honestly, but its unfortunate that right now, their potential kryptonite could be their dad in this process. We shall see as the season progresses

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