Five ways to improve the Denver Broncos

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The Denver Broncos recently have been one of the best defensive teams in the NFL for years now. They are built off their aggressive pass rush and their stingy secondary. Even the last two SuperBowl games they played, Superbowl 48 they were ranked 3rd and Superbowl 50 they were ranked 4th in total defense. They have one of those defenses that kind of plays the same type of aggressive style regardless of who is coaching the team. When John Fox was coaching the team they were aggressive and I can also say the same when they had Gary Kubiak and Vance Joseph as well. They play the same type of fast ball defense. John Elway has not been afraid to go after the big time free agents every year, Aqib Talib, Tj Ward and Peyton Manning just to name a few. This year though, he did something that many of us have not really seen from him since he’s been in office and that was to have a really good draft from top to bottom. Now obviously these players have to go out and still perform but you can not help but like what John did if you’re a Denver Bronco fan or a football fan in general. They added depth to their Wide Receiver position by adding one of the most underrated prospects to come out in DaSean Hamilton and they added size in Courtland Sutton. They also added Royce Freeman who I think could most definitely see some playing time seeing how thin they are at their Running Back position and obviously they added to their defense in getting the top pass rusher coming out in Bradley Chubb and got good value with linebacker Joey Jewell and the cornerback Isaac Yiadom. There are few things this team needs to improve on if they plan on making some real noise this fall.

  1. Better Quarterback play – It is imperative that the Denver Broncos make sure that they have the right QB in place. You would not want to continue to waste the good years that their defense has been having. Teams and units don’t last for ever. You look at the Legion Of Boom. They are no more and its sad because that team should have been a dynasty with the LOB leading the way. The Broncos do have Case Keenum and he is coming off his best year. I do believe he is better then anyone they have had recently, but I do not believe he is the future. I think he’s more of a stop gap for now. Look for this Bronco team to still be recognized for their defense. We’ll see how Case plays. He could prove me wrong. He does have a really good Offensive Coordinator in Bill Musgrave. Speaking of coaches…
  2.  Better Coaching -Unfortunately for Vance Joseph if he does not coach better he is almost certainly going to be fired because he was very near to losing his job this past offseason. John Elway seemed to already have lost patience and confidence in the young coach and it also looked like the team as a whole lost a good amount of confidence during the season last year, as the Denver Broncos seemed to have given up during certain games. So if he does not get his team going as a whole and make sure Bill (his OC) has the right pieces for his offense then he will be fired and if that happens, I would not count out Bill Musgrave being a strong candidate for the Head Coaching position. I previously said in my opening paragraph that this defense is build for any coach because of the players that are on it, but the window is closing and Vance has to put all of it together to show why he is the man for the job.
  3. Take aways – As good as the total defense was last year, their take away stats were nothing to get excited over. They had a measly 10 Interceptions and only 7 forced fumbles. That has to go up. For a defense to be complete and to be really great, you want to be able to get the ball back to your offense as much as you can. Especially if the offense happens to struggle.
  4. Offensive Line – The Broncos have been trying to add to their line through their draft and through free agency and its been decent. Yes they have been able to run the ball pretty well, but they gave up a lot of sacks last year. It did not matter which QB was playing. The Broncos as a whole let their QB get hit a little bit too often. They were ranked 3rd which ties with the Arizona Cardinals. Anytime you allow your QB to get sacked more then Russell Wilson then that’s a big problem. They need to coach better in that area or get better pass blocking lineman.
  5. Winning on the road – Last year the Denver Broncos won one road game and that was against an Indianapolis Colts team that did not have their star QB in Andrew Luck. It was week 15 and the season was already lost for both teams. They did not have a good season at all last year but one win on the road is really unacceptable.

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