Five ways to improve the Kansas City Chiefs

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The Kansas City Chiefs are one of the best regular season teams since Andy Reid’s arrival. They have been tremendously successful with their draft selections and development of players. Out of the five years that Andy Reid has been there, Andy’s record is 53-27 in wins and loses. They have won the AFC West division twice (back to back) in recent years and have made the playoffs four out of the five times since Andy Reid has been their Head Coach. They have only missed the playoffs once since his stint and even that season was a winning season. They posted a 9-7 record that year in 2014. The biggest issues come when the playoffs come around. They haven’t had nearly the success they had hoped for during the playoffs. It was either giving up big leads and choking during the middle of their games ( In their game vs the Indianapolis Colts they were up 21 points at half time and lost). This past year they were up 21-3 vs the Tennessee Titans at halftime and they lost. They did not score another point in the second half. As good as the Kansas City Chiefs are. They still have a lot of holes. They had a lot of defensive issues last year. Schematically they were out of sync and players were kind of past their prime and had injuries. This year they come into the season with even more question marks. Lets get into them.

  1. Quarterback play – This is not necessary something that needs to improved but it might be in the following year if Patrick Mahomes is not ready this year. Is Patrick Mahomes ready? Well for Andy Reid’s sake, he and the Chiefs Kingdom better hope so. It is possible that he may be out of a job if the Chiefs do not have the season they want. Although I’m not a big Alex Smith fan, he got the job done for the most part with Andy Reid as their Head Coach. I believe he was more of a scapegoat then anything else because he was the least of their problems. Patrick must prove to be a big jump in talent going into this year. He has a Quarterback guru as his HC. Andy has molded plenty of QBs back in the day and just recently showed what he could do with Alex Smith. Patrick should be good with the coaching, but to me he has to have that IT factor. He has to show the Chief’s front office why he is the man to go with over the successful Alex Smith that they just traded away. If he does not prove that. The Chiefs may not only fire Andy but they may be in trouble for another 4-5 years searching for a new QB and starting over.
  2. Defensive players – Over the past two years their defense has been one of the worse. Part of it being players not being healthy. Then some players seem too old. Tamba Hali is a perfect example of being a player that is past his prime and age has caught up to him. This recent year he only played in 5 games and started two of them. The year before in 2016 he played in 16 games and only started two. That I believe was more on about age and keeping him fresh, but I also believe that frustrated the stud pass rusher and it was the reason why he left. Justin Houston is not only one of the best pass rushers in the AFC West but he is one of the best in the league, but he can not stay healthy. In the last three years he has only been in thirty-one games. Last year was the most games he has played in since 2014 and thats when he played the whole season. Being thin at cornerack is also an issue. They traded away their best corner, Marcus Peters to the Rams and they really dont have a stud back their. The last time they had two studs lurking back there was When they had Sean Smith and Marcus Peters.
  3. Coaching – You would think after the good things I had to say about Andy Reid there could be no wrong, right? Wrong. As good as a Head Coach I believe he is, he has got to get better at his time managing. A lot of those playoff loses have to do with not managing the time well. His decisions on deciding on when to run the ball vs throwing the ball when up by a good amount of points is lackluster at times. If he can have a better game plan when his team has a lead then this team may almost be complete when playing in the playoffs. Bob Sutton(the defensive player coordinator) has also had problems with his defense recently. This seems to be because of the players getting older and not staying healthy. However when that happens you have to be able to adjust to what you have and so far the last two years he has failed to do so. Their defense was ranked twenty-eighth last year and twenty-sixth the year before. Bob has to adjust to the new young guys that he is about to coach and coach them good enough to understand his original scheme. If not he could be out before Andy.
  4. Wide Receiver play – Outside of Tyreek Hill. The Chiefs have no real weapons at Wide Receiver. I like the pick up of Sammy Watkins. I think he could do damage in a Andy Reid offense. His biggest question mark comes to health. If he is not healthy, they will be back at square one with their WRs and thats just having one weapon in Tyreek Hill. It would also help the young QB Patrick Mahomes grow as he tries to prove to the doubters he is the right QB for the job.
  5. Road Games – The Chiefs have one of the best stadiums to play in and one of the worse for opposing teams, but one thing that they lack is taking care of business on the road. Last year they only had four wins on the road. That has to improve. After their impressive win over the Patriots in week one. They won two more road games vs the Philadelphia Eagles and the Houston Texans. After that, they did not win another one until their final game in Denver. They seemed to be a team that gave up on their coach towards the end of the season.

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