New York Giants Off-Season Outlook

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First Priority: Pay Odell Beckham Jr. The giants have a lot of holes in their offense, but nothing exposed this more than OBJ going down. OBJ wants to be paid like the best player in the NFL. He wants quarterback type money. OBJ is hands down the face of the franchise. While Eli Manning may still be the fan favorite, OBJ has become one of the NFL’s most marketable players. On the field he’s arguably the best receiver in the NFL. Before his injury he was on pace to statistically be the best receiver in NFL history.

Secondly, resigning Weston Richburg or Brett Jones (both centers) and Justin Pugh fall right behind keeping OBJ. Weston is considered one of the top young center in the league that’s been plagued with injuries the past 2 seasons. Enter Brett Jones who after Weston suffered a concussion came in and played like a player with a chip on his shoulder. The former CFL standout outperformed Weston this season and would be a cheaper alternative than Weston, since Weston will be demanding a massive contract off of his reputation and outstanding play in 2015. Pugh the former 1st rounder has underperformed at times but seemed to have turned a corner at RT before he was hampered by a back injury.

Draft: The Giants have the number two pick this year, which may act as a blessing or a curse. Draft experts are projecting that the Giants will take a quarterback with the number 2 pick. Giants front office has said that Eli Manning is the guy they want there for the foreseeable future. They also have Davis Webb that they drafted in last years draft. There is a huge problem for the Giants drafting at number 2, and that is that there’s a chance the Browns draft the guy they really want. As much as the Giants may want to draft a quarterback in this draft, there are still many positions they need to address. They still have obvious holes at tackle, they are losing their starting guards to free agency, they need to completely revamp their line backing core, and they need a running back that can make plays. With the number two pick here’s some guys that they should look at to make an instant impact next season.

RB: Saquon Barkley – Most complete running back in the draft. Many experts say that he’s better than Zeke when he came out of the draft. Giants need an upgrade at running back and this is the best guy to do that. It will take pressure off whoever plays quarterback and draw some 8 man boxes that will give OBJ some room over the top. This is a kind of player that will change the dynamic of any offense he enters.

Linebacker: Roquan Smith – Middle linebacker who is absolutely explosive. Has the athleticism of a Luke Kuechly. Can play sideline to sideline. He also looks good in coverage which is what separates the inside linebackers in the NFL.

Offensive Tackle: Orlando Brown – The monster out of Oklahoma is 6’8 and 360 pounds. His body type is a mix of Jonathan Ogden and Tyron Smith. Instant upgrade over the underachieving Erick Flowers. Can’t see him getting overpowered by many lineman. Solid footwork should keep him above average in pass protection. Massive body and downhill style would help the run game as well.

Quarterback: Take your pick. The odds are that they will take either Rosen or Darnold. Either quarterback will benefit from having the explosive OBJ. Rosen is ready to play. My questions would be how his arm strength and decision making translate to the NFL. Darnold has more physical talent, but has a longer delivery and not as accurate as Rosen. Bad showing at the USC bowl game doesn’t help his stock much. My personal favorite is Lamar Jackson, but not a guy the Giants will reach for at 2. If the Giants take a non quarterback at 2 and either Jackson or Mayfield are available early in the second, I can see the giants scooping one of them up.

Free agency: Nate Solder – Tackle from New England. No long term extension for the Patriots yet. Upgrade over current Giant Tackles.

Giants aren’t looking to spend a lot on free agency. They will make moves to add depth on defense. There really isn’t any offensive options that the giants will attempt to sign. Their best best is to try to resign Richburg and Pugh since they will be some of the better options on the offensive line in free agency. Leveon Bell is also somebody the giants could be interested in, but I don’t see the Steelers allowing him to get away.

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