Ozzie Newsome is losing his touch.

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Is Ozzie Newsome losing his touch when It comes to drafting players ?

That’s a great question to ask. After watching the Vikings vs Saints game it made me think about it. The Ravens had plenty of chances to draft Stefon Diggs who literally played in the Ravens back yard at the University of Maryland. Instead that year the Ravens drafted Breshad Perriman in the 1st round, when he was coming out, hehad plenty of questions about his hands. I’ll give you another example in the 2016 NFL draft the Ravens tried to trade with the Dallas Cowboys to the 4th spot to take Jalen Ramsey. But Ozzie didn’t wanna give up a 3rd round pick to get that pick. Instead he used that pick on Bronson Kaufusi who missed his whole Rookie year and in his 2nd year was a healthy scratch in a lot of games this past year. Ozzie also could have Drafted Myles Jack that year as well. But chose to trade back again and take a linebacker out of Boise State Kamalei Correa. Who has not panned out at all for the Ravens, barely even seeing the field unless it’s on special teams. In the 2017 season the Ravens struggled big time without having a playmaker at the Wide Receiver position. Ozzie Newsome has never drafted a wide receiver that made the Pro Bowl. In the 2017 draft he had a chance to draft Juju Smith who had a pretty good rookie season for the Steelers and also could’ve drafted Cooper Kupp who made tons of plays for the Rams this season, but instead he choose to pick a linebacker from Houston Tyus Bowser. Seems like after the Ravens won the Super Bowl in 2012 the draft picks have not been panning out. The 2013 draft our first two picks were probably the worst draft picks Ozzie Newsome has ever made. 1st was Matt Elam who has been arrested multiple times. And the 2nd being Arthur Brown who didn’t see the field at all. And the pick that stings the most is in the 2010 draft. In the 6th round the Ravens drafted a tackle from Morehouse University by the name of Ramon Harewood, he didn’t even make the team that year but with the very next pick the Steelers took Antonio Brown. Those are just some players that Ozzie could’ve had but missed. Think about it the Ravens could’ve easily had Jalen Ramsey, Myles Jack, and Stefon Diggs. Let that sink in Raven fans.

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