Scouting Report – Josh Allen

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Josh Allen: QB/Wyoming

Measurable’s: Height 6-4/Weight 237

College 2017 Stats: Passing Yrds 1812, Tds 16, Ints 6

40 Time: 4.75

Projected NFL Draft: Top 20

Josh Allen has all the measurable’s to succeed at the next level. He has the biggest arm out of all the Quarterbacks coming out this year. Josh Allen is one hell of a competitor and has the size to take hits in the NFL from those nasty Defensive Lineman. One thing that really impressed me the most about Josh Allen is how he reacted and played in the Senior Bowl. He knew that he did not play his first few snaps at his best. So he lobbied to the coaching staff to let him back in (to not only show what he could do) but to prove to everybody that he was better then the other QBs he was competing against in that Senior Bowl. My issue with Josh Allen is his accuracy. I feel that if he can go to a team that has stability and play under a real solid QB and under a great coaching staff then he can turn into a really solid starter.


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