Scouting Report – Saquon Barkley

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Saquon Barkley: RB/Penn State

Measurable’s: Height: 6-0/Weight/233

College 2017 Stats: Rush Yrds 1271, Rush Tds 18, Rec 54, Rec Yrds 632

40 Time: 4.40

 Projected NFL Draft: Top 7

Saquon Barkley hands down is the best talent coming out the NFL draft this year. He can do it all. You can put him in a Zone blocking scheme and he can run through that or you can put him in a Power blocking scheme. He is that talented. Saquon can catch out of the back field as well. He is very explosive, has great vision and patience. If you look at his stature he is build to take hits and keep trucking. One of the best plays I have seen him do was when he put a nasty stiff arm on Vita Vea who is (according to most and myself) the best Defensive Tackle coming out of this draft. Saquon stiff armed Vita before he could even try and wrap him up. Vita fell flat on his face. Yikes! Put that tape on, why don’t you, Penn State Vs Washington Huskies. I believe he is one of those rare breed players that can take over a game, even if the team is not that great. Obviously you want to build a great Offensive Line and put a serviceable Quarterback back there so he will have every chance in the world to succeed but I do feel like he is great enough to carry a team with at least a good O-Line.


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