Scouting Report – Taven Bryan

Josiah BledsoeNFL, Scouting DepartmentLeave a Comment

Taven Bryan: DL/Florida

Measurable’s: Height/6-5 Weight/293

2017 College Stats: Tots 37, Sk 4.0

Projected 40 time: 4.8

Projected NFL Draft 2018: 2-3 Rd


Taven Bryan is my favorite Defensive Tackle coming out of college this year. He has a terrific first step and is aggressive at the point of attack. Sometimes he can be overly aggressive and thats something that can be fixed. He has a excellent motor and I think he is somebody that will be able to stop the run and get to the Quarterback. You can line him up as a Defensive End or Defensive Tackle. He also can take on double teams at times, but I do think he can get better. He just will need to continue to build his upper body strength and learn more technique. He has a way to bull rush and use his swift feet to get by or to beat the tackles or guards to the point where they’re off guard, but if he adds more to his technique he will be able to get by most of the double teams and not just some. He is listed to go 2-3 Rd, but I believe he is first round talent.


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