Scouting Report – Vita Vea

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Vita Vea: DL/Washington

Measurable’s: Height/6-5 Weight/340

2017 College Stats: Tot 43, Sk 3.5

Projected 4o time: 5.8

Projected NFL Draft 2018: Top 20


As also seen by other scouts Vita Vea is a lot like Danny Shelton, the defensive lineman that currently plays for the Cleveland Browns. Vita has the power to push over smaller guards and tackles. Running backs will have a tough time running his way. He can display quick feet at times and he has a high ceiling. I would like to see him be more consistent. I think he would fit best as a 3-4 Nose Tackle or a solid Defensive Tackle in a 4-3. I think if he wants to be a more full time Defensive End for a team he might have to drop a little weight. I think the more talented line he plays with the better he will be. I think he has things he needs to work on outside of being consistent. I think he needs to continue to use his force when he is getting double teamed. He seemed to get stopped in his tracks a little bit too much for somebody that is 6-5 and weighs 340. Thats why I think he would benefit more playing for a team that has a couple stars on the defensive line already. He is a run stuffer and he can blow up the back field at times. He also covers a lot of ground, so if the RB is running to the right and Vita is on the left he can tractor his way over there and shut the play down. He has great talents. Just needs to tighten up his consistency.


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