Scouting Report – Ronnie Harrison

Josiah BledsoeScouting DepartmentLeave a Comment

Ronnie Harrison: S/Alabama

Measurable’s: Height 6-3/Weight 216lb

2017 College Stats: 3Ints, 74Tots, Sks 2.5

Projected 40 time: 4.4

Projected NFL Draft 2018: Late 1st/2nd Rd


Ronnie Harrison’s speed stands out to me. I do not see him running any slower then a 4.4 and some change. I think because he is on a team full of talent on the defensive side, he gets over looked. He can tackle well and cover. One thing I think he lacks is upper body strength and size. He needs to gain weight. He can get to the ball carrier but sometimes his hits are not strong enough to bring down the player. Coachable.

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