1. Jacksonville Jaguars- QB Trevor Lawrence/Clemson

The Jaguars made a questionable decision hiring Urban Meyer as their head coach. However, that shouldn’t elevate Justin Fields in any way over Trevor Lawrence. The Jaguars did trade Jalen Ramsey, Yannick Ngakoue, and Nick Foles while releasing Calais Campbell, and others. The Jags had a lot of talent on defense, something to build upon as Urban gets started. Lawrence is still by far unequivocally the number one pick and with the young WRs in Jacksonville’s offense, Lawrence could have some Herbert/Burrow/Luck type impact. The Jags will be in a division where despite the Texans faltering, the Titans and Colts are most definitely division contenders already, Indy will likely land a vet QB and Titans have a stable core already.

2. NY Jets- OT Penei Sewell/Oregon

The New York Jets are in a very interesting position, they do seem to have some assets to play with, A young quarterback who may be wanted by others, and a new coach arriving which already sounds like an upgrade over Adam Gase, the modern day Rich Kotite. Sewell can be the LT they’ve needed, or this pick goes to the Texans where they’d be certainly move up for Sewell, Chase/Smith/Waddle if they were to get Sam Darnold in any Watson trade! Not much else to discuss because he’s a beast. Not a perfect T but one with all the physical tools wanted. By keeping this pick, especially with two 1st round picks, they’ll be taking BPA(best player available), and nothing wrong with protecting any QB you have under center, Darnold, Watson, or whomever.

3. Miami Dolphins-WR Jamarr Chase/LSU

Like the Jets, The fellow AFC East division team is drafting in the top five, they have two first round picks amongst other assets, a desirable young quarterback, with the one exception being that they are totally sold in the program that they’ve installed in by the former Belichick understudies Chris Grier and Brian Flores. In Chase, Tua would be able to stretch the field a bit more, Parker clearly wasn’t/isn’t going to be a legit #1 WR consistently so that’s an upgrade perhaps. I also want to note that Tua has his Alabama WRs, but I couldn’t see Miami going for Waddle, Smith might fall being undersized. It could be likely Miami makes the deal for Watson, and they definitely could, and for the Texans at this pick, they’d probably want to take Zac Wilson from BYU.

4. Atlanta Falcons- QB Justin Fields/Ohio St

As the old saying goes in the NFL, “new coach, new quarterback” and with Titans OC Arthur Smith, they’ll likely move on from long term QB Matt Ryan, barring $$$ issues because of his gargantuan salary, whatever they decide to do will lead to picking Zac Wilson or Justin Fields. I side with Fields here because he does pose an interesting correlation as he’s from Georgia, as is Deshaun Watson, but Watson might not be attainable for Terry Fontenot stepping in as a new GM on a team in deep cap issues. Fields will need to improve as a passer. Like Lamar, he’s struggling in the long-intermediate throws, but teams have had to respect him. Moving Jones and Ryan would obviously be the best course of action for a team in transition. But given their huge contracts with huge money on a year where the cap goes down, it’ll be a little harder to move them unless they send draft picks as apart of the package like the Rams had to do with the Jared Goff/ Matt Stafford trade.

5. Cincinnati Bengals- LB Micah Parsons/Penn St

The Bengals have their QB of the future. They also should address OL but Sewell is gone and outside of a trade down, they would be reaching for Darrisaw or any another OT on the board. Bengals have struggled on defense. They need an identity on D that they’ve lacked for four years. Parsons would be a slight reach but he’s a top 8 talent on the board. If he had played this year, he’d more than merit a top 10 selection. Sitting out the season won’t impact him as much, but the hazing incident including former teammate Yetur Gross-Matos might drop him down a bit, the interview process will tell. If I were Cincy, I’d be looking to move down. There are still major depth issues on the roster and not really in need at WR. But the board can be different by April!

6. Philadelphia Eagles- WR Devonta Smith/Alabama

I think Chase will get drafted before Smith unless the Dolphins make the decision to pick Smith due to Tua having chemistry with him already. Smith is more technical than most WRs at this stage. That’ll bode well for the Eagles. Of course, the Eagles could move on from Carson Wentz, if they were somehow able to acquire a 1st round pick from a team, Philly could go QB here, but I’d think Jalen Hurts could be the starter at the very least for next season.
This pick will make the Reagor pick even more nauseating because this could’ve been avoided by simply taking Justin Jefferson. Philly will have to deal with the meat of the Wentz extension they signed him to, shortly before the QB controversy emerged. How they deal with that could signal how they move forward from here.

7. Detroit Lions- DT Kwity Paye/Michigan

There will be flashier names flying around at 7, maybe Smith, maybe Parsons, perhaps a riser like Greg Rousseau. But I think for the Lions bolstering on the line of scrimmage is essential. Paye can probably move around and can be scheme versatile which works well with Trey Flowers on the outside. Plus for the lions they were rumored for Harbaugh and Saleh at HC before Campbell was hired. One Michigan kid could be nice though. Lions fans might be cautiously excited for Dan Campbell, and I do think adding a local product who can play at a high level will definitely get the fans to buy in quickly. Having acquired Jared Goff and multiple 1st round picks, they’ll likely go forward trying to redeem Jared Goff as best as they can, in the meantime, they can acquire two 1st round picks between 13-28 in the near future and a younger QB.

8. Carolina Panthers- QB Zac Wilson/BYU

Carolina is in a very very odd predicament. Their OC Joe Brady will be an NFL HC or a premier college coach by 2023, Bridgewater isn’t it, and this team hasn’t shown a true step forward with Cam Newton gone. Carolina has needs all over the field outside of RB and WR, and even with a QB change, even if Wilson has a Herbert type rookie campaign, this is at best a 6 win football team until some changes are made. Zac Wilson is a prospect who’ll divide the room. Some see major potential, others see a spoiled brat, but I think for Wilson, it’ll come down how he improves year to year. Wentz showed this. Panthers will need to invest in the offensive line, and obviously on defense, but we already knew that. Wilson’s question marks aside, he could be seen by a team as a case like Herbert, but even I wasn’t a big Herbert fan last season, Wilson is quite a step down from Herbert, he’s closer to Paxton Lynch/Daniel Jones territory.

9. Denver Broncos- EDGE Greg Rousseau/Miami

The Miami DL will be well represented in this draft with Quincy Roche and Jaelan Phillips also likely to be picked by the mid-2nd round. Rousseau has major upside, has a big frame and despite the fact he opted out this year, I doubt that’ll hurt his value in the end. He’ll be getting a lot of looks in the top half of the first round due to the profile of the position and his 2019 season where he recorded 15.5 sacks and 19.5 tackles for loss. Von Miller has had some off-field trouble but it’s more so the direction of the team and keeping guys like Simmons long term that should be the major focus. One thing that might hurt Greg is the success of Roche and Phillips in his absence. Even if Von Miller stays with the team, more pass rush options shouldn’t be ignored from the Broncos, and I think Rousseau will move up boards again as we inch closer.

10. Dallas Cowboys- CB Patrick Surtain II/Alabama

The Cowboys will have a tough choice in the draft if they go CB with Farley or Surtain. I side with Surtain, not only because he’s got the pedigree of being at a top program in the SEC, but because of his all-around ability. Like Kirkpatrick and Fitzpatrick before him, Surtain has great football instincts. The Cowboys lost Byron Jones to the Dolphins and have had issues in the secondary before and since. Like his dad, Patrick will likely have a long career and in Dallas, he’ll once again be in the eyes of major scrutiny if he struggles, with no NFL Combine, expect him in the top 12 of the Draft, especially with Alabama’s National Championship. The Cowboys will be in a tough spot with Dak Prescott, having already paid Amari Cooper and Ezekiel Elliot on the same side of the football, if they can hold onto Dak Prescott with Surtain/Pitts/Farley, they will be slightly improved just in that regard, but with Dallas, it’s usually never that simple.

11. New York Giants- TE Kyle Pitts/Florida

The Giants are usually a team that cares more about their PR standing than winning football games these days, but if they were interested in improving their offense in a big-time way, they’d draft Florida TE Kyle Pitts. Pitts is a complete TE with sky-high potential. Think of a mix of Jordan Reed and Vernon Davis, and that’s high praise too. Daniel Jones isn’t the long-term answer for the Giants QB issues, it’s pretty clear to me that his ceiling isn’t that high, but a security blanket at TE could cover his shortcomings especially with the way Giants fans have been feeling about Evan Engram for quite some time as well as the other shortcomings at WR and the injury to Saquon Barkley last season. The Giants could also address secondary with Caleb Farley, but they’ve had some really bad luck drafting CBs early in the draft going back to Deandre Baker, Dominque Rodgers-Cromartie and Eli Apple, and the Giants ownership tends to always get involved with their early picks, ALWAYS!

12. San Francisco 49ers- CB Caleb Farley/Virginia Tech

The 49ers will likely be moving on from QB Jimmy Garoppolo after some years of injury and inconsistency, never mind the incentive of the $24+ million in cap relief. With options like Deshaun Watson, Dak Prescott, Derek Carr, and Sam Darnold being flirted with being moved in the coming months, cap flexibility is key. Like last year, they’ll take best player available or move a big contract like they did with Deforest Buckner to the Colts and taking Javon Kinlaw. This year I could see Lynch using the 12th pick in a package for Sam Darnold as an example, especially with the Jets in talks over Deshaun Watson. Darnold would work better in Kyle Shanahan’s scheme than in Adam Gase’s offense, and then the 49ers could plug away at holes in their depth. With the movement of other veteran QBs in the league in the coming weeks, like Stafford already, we will see how the board shapes up for San Francisco.

13. Los Angeles Chargers- OT Christian Darrisaw/Virginia Tech

Back to back Hokies, and I didn’t notice until I was done with the 1st round either… I do see enormous potential in Darrisaw and could even see him as the best OT in the draft come 3-5 years’ time. Darrisaw took over as a true freshman and he started every game from that point on. The Chargers will be looking for a Marcus Mcneil kind of LT to help get Herbert some blind side protection. Darrisaw or Slater would both fit the profile here. I was wrong about Herbert, but I’m also glad he worked on his game. I could also see them moving Keenan Allen’s contract and grabbing Jaylen Waddle perhaps, with Mike Williams that might be a real vertical attack. Darrisaw could play RT and allow Bulaga to go instead of paying him, and have him and Pipkins as the OTs of each side. The Ravens were able to have Stanley and Brown for three years and until the next contract, that’s a major plus.

14. Minnesota Vikings- QB Trey Lance/North Dakota St

The Vikings are in transition, Kirk Cousins restructured his deal last offseason when they moved on from Everson Griffin, Stefon Diggs, and Xavier Rhodes in what took them out of cap hell. GM Rick Spielman will have to have his accountants working overtime to figure out Anthony Barr’s situation, owed $15.5 million as an ILB, and limited cap space. The Vikings could take Zaven Collins, Jeremiah Owusu-Karamoah, or a QB here. I went QB because Minnesota will need to figure out how to move on from Kirk Cousins before next offseason and have a plan in place. With the 5 year contracts for 1st round picks, it’s been a point from teams to secure QBs with the length of commitment so that they can buy themselves time before being sucked into spending 25% of your cap on a QB who may or may not be a franchise QB. As for Lance, there’s a lot of ?s, he had a so-so performance in the only game he played in 2020 and in FCS competition. With everything happening to Wentz in Philly, he could see a ripple effect from these factors.

15. New England Patriots- WR Jaylen Waddle/Alabama

The Patriots will be in the market for a QB, they’ll have a bit of cap space from departures like Julian Edelman, Donta Hightower and possibly Joe Thuney, James White, and Patrick Chung, all of which were apart of multiple Super Bowls and multiple big moments, especially Hightower, White, and Edelman. The Patriots history of drafting WRs in general are spotty, especially in the era of Bill Belichick, busts like Chad Jackson and Aaron Dobson, along with the struggles of N’Keal Harry in the two years of his NFL career. Waddle would be an on par replacement for Edelman in terms of the role as a slot WR early for McDaniels on offense, with his YAC potential. Whether the QB is Jimmy G, Dak, or whomever, Waddle will be far and away their biggest threat in the short passing game if White were to leave the team.

16. Arizona Cardinals- OG Alex Leatherwood/Alabama

The Arizona Cardinals OL has been a discussion of dire straits, on one hand it’s nice to have DJ Humphries at LT and Kelvin Beachum at RT, as well as Mason Cole at OC, but Kyler Murray is still running for his life. Adding Alex Leatherwood, who was the blind side for Mac Jones and Tua Tagavailoa at the University of Alabama, Leatherwood may not be an OT at the next level, but we’ve seen some great college OTs make a great career on the inside, guys from the 70s like John Hannah, to some of the newer examples of Tunsil playing OG at Miami as a rookie. Leatherwood could be a RT, but like Fluker a decade ago, he can still provide a push and very scheme versatile. Cardinals are perceived to want a CB in light of Patrick Peterson and Dre Kirkpatrick being pending FAs, but they drafted Byron Murphy last year. I also just think the OL will be the bigger issue in that division, esp with Aaron Donald and Nick Bosa.

17. Las Vegas Raiders- LB Zaven Collins/Tulsa

The Las Vegas Raiders are going to look back at the past five years and ask plenty of questions. They had Derek Carr playing at MVP level, prior to injury like Carson Wentz, they traded Khalil Mack and haven’t capitalized to this point. Reggie McKenzie had come from Green Bay and actually was building a culture to turn the Raiders around, until Jon Gruden and Mike Mayock arrived on a 10-year deal. It all sounds farfetched, but it’s true. In present day, looking at the Raiders defense with a lot of 1st and 2nd round picks like Damon Arnette, Jonathan Abram, and Trayvon Mullen and they’re missing a real playmaking LB, a LB that can mix it up in coverage and rush the passer, a role similar to what Hightower had in NE. Zaven Collins reminds me of Hightower in terms of skill set, he’s just more polished in coverage at the same point of their careers.

18. Miami Dolphins- RB Najee Harris/Alabama

The Dolphins had an earlier selection thanks to the Houston Texans utter incompetence, now they’ll use their 1st round selection and stay on the offensive side of the ball here as well as they select Alabama RB Najee Harris. The Dolphins have already invested early picks on defense like Christian Wilkins, Raekwon Davis, and spent big on Byron Jones and keeping Xavien Howard. What Harris gives the Dolphins offense is a back with a unique skill set. Like Taylor, Jacobs, and others, I’m sure he’ll have an immediate impact in Miami in light of the fact they may also draft Smith/Chase at WR as well. Watch out for the Miami Dolphins, they’re coming!

19. Washington Football Team- OT Rashawn Slater/Northwestern

The Washington Football Team made it to the postseason with a weak NFC East as they were 7-9. Alex Smith’s comeback season was a fun and emotional ride as he looked like he was still able to play at the previous level he was playing at. However, Smith is a liability going forward as a starter and you can’t trust him for 16games+. 2018 1st round pick Dwayne Haskins was cut from the team during the season, so you know that didn’t end well. Slater has been dubbed as a top 20 pick, but some see him as an interior OL, I think he can be a RT, but I don’t think he’s doomed to fail on the outside. Slater will come up short on certain measurables, but coming from Northwestern, I think he’ll be able to process the information needed to impact right away.

20. Chicago Bears- OG Alijah Vera-Tucker/USC

Whether they keep hold of QB Mitch Trubisky or not, whether they keep Allen Robinson or not, the Bears should look at boosting the OL in round 1. Like Washington, I think if the team decides to address the position, they’ll choose one of the options already in the league as opposed to going with Mac Jones or Trey Lance in the middle to late 1st round. With Vera Tucker, you get a player who played LT last season, and he played very well there. But I believe he has a future as an OG. Chicago could attack the LB position, or even WR if they like Bateman for example, but Chicago should focus on the QB position, because they should be better.

21. Indianapolis Colts- OT Spencer Brown/Northern Iowa

The Colts will definitely be looking for a QB once again this offseason. After many years of Peyton Manning and Andrew Luck they’ve had Matt Hasselbeck, Jacoby Brissett, and Philip Rivers feature for them under center. I fully expect the Colts to be active in the veteran FA market, even with Stafford going to the Rams, the Colts could still go for Jimmy G, Dak Prescott etc. This opens the door to fill needs in other areas, and an area to address would be LT, the blind side.
Spencer Brown isn’t a household name just yet, He’s an FCS guy, but considering the Colts drafted Darius Leonard after a great Senior Bowl week showing a few years back, they may want to replicate that theory with Brown. A man with a huge frame at 6’9 320lbs, and despite not playing a game this past season, his high potential could skyrocket him up draft boards. He really impressed during Senior Bowl week and the staff coming from Philly may recall how “raw” Lane Johnson was coming out of Oklahoma in 2013.

22. Tennessee Titans- DE/DT Christian Barrmore/Alabama

In a draft where as many as 6 QBs can go in the 1st round including Mac Jones, it’s going to cause legitimate prospects at skill positions to fall, and for the Titans, DT is their biggest need after Jurell Casey’s departure after many years with the team, the Titans defense that dominated Lamar Jackson for 3+ plus quarters in the playoffs last season, they looked like they were missing an edge as a team.
In comes Christian Barmore, he was dominant in taking rushing lanes away all season for the Crimson Tide. He also can play the 3-technique the way Vrabel needs in order to allow the LBs to move freely. If the Titans wanted to go WR, they could, but that depends on the status of Corey Davis is nearing the end of his rookie deal.

23. New York Jets- DE/OLB Jaelen Phillips/Miami

The rise of Jaelan Phillips over the past 18 months is very interesting, because there’s many factors. First of all, Phillips was at UCLA for two seasons and wasn’t consistently a great performer in comparison to what he’s done this past season for the Miami Hurricanes taking advantage of Greg Rousseau opting out the 2020 season. The Jets will need help at the EDGE position to attempt to create better pass rush, I would be a tad nervous about Phillips, because as much as he may seem like a Brian Burns regen, he could also be a Vernon Gholston and not reach his potential despite his measurables. His ability to play standing up and in a 3-point stance is great, but the durability needs to be better.

24. Pittsburgh Steelers- QB Mac Jones/Alabama

The Pittsburgh Steelers started off the season with an absolute bang and once the injuries to LB Devin Bush and others on both sides of the ball occurred, they started to lose, I’ll give Steelers fans that benefit of the doubt. Unfortunately, the season is over, and they’ll need to regroup. This offseason will bring much less drama even with changes than in recent years. Where drama might ensue for the Rooney squad is at the QB position. I’m sure Ben Roethlisberger will want to come back for another season, but even if he does, having a QB in waiting has always been their course of action since the early retirement of Terry Bradshaw in 1984. Signing Dwayne Haskins will likely not lead to anything other than a preseason roster spot, but drafting Mac Jones could be to their benefit. Jones was the QB for the National Champs as they defeated the Buckeyes and looked impressive all year despite the questions about his arm strength. Jones compares to Mitch Trubisky/Chad Pennington/Matt Hasselbeck as an NFL QB, and that’s perfectly fine, you can win with that if there’s a support base around him which Pittsburgh has been able to do for decades. I think this is an ideal fit for him.

25. Jacksonville Jaguars- CB Jaycee Horn/South Carolina

The Jaguars have landed the most coveted QB prospect in years, and now will have a 2nd 1st round pick to build with as well as the 33rd overall pick. They could decide to go back to offense here, but I feel a CB as good as Jaycee Horn is great value thanks to the number of QBs that were chosen. The Jaguars have DJ Chark and Laviska Shenault at WR and might attack depth in later rounds or thru free agency, they have spent money on the OL previously and could also attack pass rush. Ultimately decided with Jaycee Horn because he’s a legit top 20 prospect and fills a huge position of need. Jacksonville will be getting a CB that plays with an edge and can win a matchup in press coverage with the measurables to match, I see a lot of Jeff Gladney in last year’s draft in Horn, I believe this is the best fit for Horn also.

26. Cleveland Browns- DT/DE Jay Tufele/USC

The Browns had a season that’ll hopefully (for their sake) catapult them into playoff contention on a yearly basis, with Baker Mayfield (Barstool Flutie) heading into another offseason, a strong running game anchored by Kareem Hunt and Nick Chubb, with Odell Beckham Jr and Jarvis Landry at WR… etc. But the defense could use some depth and adding IDL will be vital for them this offseason especially in the AFC North. As for Tufele, he’s a 3 down DT who has played in different slots of the DL for the Trojans which shows his athleticism and versatility, he’ll control the B Gap and block kicks and punts, as well as creating interior pass rush. He’ll probably go higher than 26th, but I slot him here with the need and with how other sites seeing him as an early 2nd rounder.

27. Baltimore Ravens- OG Wyatt Davis/Ohio St

Lamar Jackson got his first playoff win against Tennessee and despite that there’s still a huge divide as to if he can truly improve or maintain his play long term, as his rookie deal is close to expiring. The Ravens moved on from Mark Ingram in recent week and missed Marshall Yanda’s presence mightily, as well as injuries to Matt Skura that will be in mind for the team going forward. If I were GM Eric Decosta, I’d be looking to move Bradley Bozeman to C like he was at Alabama and perhaps move Ben Powers to LG as Ohio St’s Wyatt Davis slides to the RG spot in what should still be a scheme catered to controlling the game on the ground as Greg Roman remains as OC. If not Davis, they could address OLB/EDGE with a pending Matt Judon departure. could even select a RT if Orlando Brown gets traded pending a stalemate in contract talks, seen the same happen with Jack Conklin in Tennessee.

28. New Orleans Saints- WR Kadarius Toney/Florida

The Saints are likely going to be in the QB market for the first time in fifteen years or so with the impending retirement of future HOF QB Drew Brees who signed with the Saints before the 2006 season. With Taysom Hill and Jameis Winston still on the roster it’ll be interesting. Alvin Kamara and Michael Thomas would be enticing for any QB on the market that would be interested in a move. If they stand pat at QB and decide to go forward, perhaps an Emmanuel Sanders replacement might be a good move. Kadarius Toney might be the best WR that played in the Senior Bowl this year and could compliment Michael Thomas and Kamara in the passing game with his game-breaking ability. Toney reminds me of Peerless Price if he was as explosive as Hollywood Brown in open play. The Saints could attack defense, particularly at LB with Jeremiah Owusu-Koramoah, but I feel Toney has more value for them amid a QB transition.

29. Green Bay Packers- WR Rashod Bateman/Minnesota

The Packers looked like the best team in football during stretches this season, I love the defense they’ve been building with Alexander and Amos in the secondary, and Kenny Clark up front, and Rashan Gary’s athleticism being shown to maximize his skill set. However, the Packers offense has been Aaron Rodgers, Aaron Jones, and Devante Adams for quite some time and perhaps it’s time for another target. In a perfect world, Green Bay could grab Kyle Pitts or Devonta Smith and move forward, but Rashod Bateman from Minnesota is no slouch. Bateman sort of reminds of Michael Thomas coming out of Ohio State, esp with his ability to move the chains, and he’s not elite in terms of speed. Playing opposite of Adams and having Valdez-Scantling/St.Brown to be a 3rd WR could make that group better and give Rodgers a guy who can go up and get it. Packers could easily go LB as well, but I feel as if it’s a toss-up, they did miss Blake Martinez a tad at the LB position.

30. Buffalo Bills- OT/OG Jackson Carman/Clemson

The Bills were a fun team to root for this season and they’ve always had great fans, so cheers to them after a great season where they made major strides. Buffalo will need to look at CB, but with Jaycee Horn off the board, unless you love Eric Stokes, I feel it’s a slight reach, given their success. Now they also could go WR/RB with Bateman and Etienne still on the board, but I feel like the Bills could address that position in later selections as well. Not a name that jumps out at you when thinking of players you’d expect to be taken in the first round but Carmen replaced Micah Hyatt as the LT at Clemson, the man protecting Trevor Lawrence’s blindside. A HS 5* prospect, he more than lived up to his potential as a HS star into an NFL Draft pick. Carmen will likely be an OG in the next level and could start day 1. Of course, they still have Cody Ford who will coming off IR too. If Matt Milano were to leave in FA, a LB could be selected here, but it’s still early to tell what the offseason will look like with the pandemic bringing the salary cap down.

31. Tampa Bay Buccaneers- QB Kyle Trask/Florida

As someone that grew up in New England as the fan of the Ravens, I hated Tom Brady, and this dude reaches a 10th Super Bowl… really NFL? Anyways Tampa was 7-9 with a QB throwing 30 INTs despite 5k yards. Make excuses all you want but Winston could never have gotten Tampa this far. Tampa has a young roster and will have holes based on decisions they make cap wise, their biggest one being with Donovan Smith, who’s been lining up at OT. Another pick, another QB, Kyle Trask is a QB I wasn’t sold on heading into the season, but his improvement from 2019 to 2020 is worthy of note when comparing that Mac Jones and Trey Lance will also be selected in the 1st round. Now there’s obviously going to be a busy veteran QB market via trade or FA with some household names, but Tampa should be ready for Brady to walk away going forward. Trask’s big season could see him go as high as the top 10, and as low as the 30’s although I’d think teams would want that 5th year as a buffer.

32. Kansas City Chiefs- LB Jeremiah Owusu-Koramoah/Notre Dame

The Chiefs could be winning back to back Super Bowls for the first time in their history and the first team since the Patriots almost twenty years ago to accomplish that. Kansas City is still not a perfect team obviously and could use aid on the defense. They had drafted Willie Gay Jr. last year in the second round, but with Mahomes new contract coming into effect, Hitchens and Wilson won’t likely see big cap figures in their next contracts, Wilson this offseason and Hitchens next offseason. With Hitchens and Wilson being free agents in the coming future, having LB depth could be crucial, Patrick Queen had an impact for the Ravens last season, and Darius Leonard established himself with the Colts as a rookie as well. In a 4-2-5 scheme they run, you’ll still need 3 LBs to play consistently for rotation purposes. Owusu-Koramoah was big for Notre Dame as they reached the CFP and has potential to be a MIKE LB and can be utilized as a rookie in sub packages. His ability to cover slot WRs could be a real X Factor for a team, just depends on teams and their needs. If 6 QBs go in the 1st round, expect players like Owusu-Karomoah to fall even out of the 1st round. It happens every year.

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